Tweets (Reach more Followers)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Lists (Organize)1UnlimitedUnlimited
Schedule ListsNoYesAdvanced
Randomization (Shuffle your Tweets)YesYesYes
Time Randomization (Don't be a Robot)YesYesYes
Duplicate TweetsYes*Yes*Yes*
Tweet with your personal AppNoNoYes
PricingFree$1 mo. (1 month Free)$3 mo. (2 months Free)

* Twitter runs multiple filters to detect spam, tweet duplication, and other abusive behaviors which on occasion can reject a tweet modified by our algorithms.


Sending tweets manually can be a time consuming task, specially if you send the same ones multiple times per day. Lists allow you to group your tweets and have them available to send at any time.


Blast your lists at any time of day. You can schedule a list once or multiple times a day. Set the average time between tweets to spread them out over several hours.


Don't let your tweets appear to be sent by an app. Randomize the order your tweets are sent, and abandon Twitter without abandoning your followers.